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10 April 2015 @ 02:26 pm


Sign and share, because that's some fucked up shit. How can there be any hope for the most vulnerable in society, if they're not being looked after by the people who count?

Fuck that noise!
18 March 2015 @ 02:59 pm
Hit me up with some active communities! I need some entertainment! Cheers!
11 March 2015 @ 12:45 pm
The plot has started to thicken with The Whole Pantry/Belle Gibson saga, with her deleting YEARS worth of posting about her cancer and other illness claims!

News article from 9 news

Additionally, the gaming commission has gotten involved, in Australia they are the people who govern fundraising authorities, which Belle Gibson and her business, which is not a corporation, with a managing director, as she suggests, but actually a sole proprietorship, which means that all legal liability lays with her. The $300k missing donated fee's. The fact that she was not registered to even fund raise. The fact that since she was not registered to fund raise, she was also not insured to attend events like she did.

Either the people working for her are very naive and gullible, or they all knew and have been telling very well rehearsed lies!

I sent the following comments to The Whole Pantry on Instagram last night. It was met with a lot of people advising me to not hold my breath, although they were extremely valid questions!



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10 March 2015 @ 10:40 am
The lady who patented this App was selling a product and a lifestyle that she claimed WOULD save you from life threatening diseases such as Cancer. She was not just encouraging but PUSHING people to abandon conventional medicines and take an alternate route of maintaining a "whole" and healthy lifestyle, that it WOULD cure you from your ailments, including but not limited to: Terminal Cancer (As most of you would know, terminal cancer is a disease that cannot be cured, it is usually a progressive disease that WILL end the life of the person suffering from it), Depression and Fertility issues.
This woman packaged this lifestyle as a LIFE SAVING treatment that surpassed conventional medical intervention. But in the same breath, she continued to tell people that her Cancer was not only worsening, but spreading to different parts of her body, including the spleen, blood and heart.
So she was selling a "life saving lifestyle" that could cure YOUR terminal illness but not her own.

Belle Gibson has come out and said that she MAY have been fraudalent with claiming that she was ill with additionally illnesses, but it is only because her doctors allegedly fed her misinformation pertaining to the fact that she had additional Cancers. She will not name the doctor's or the clinics that she visited, that allegedly misdiagnosed her.
The Whole Pantry solicited donations from people and PROMISED $300,000 worth of donations to go to multiple organizations and to date have delivered $7000 in donations. These donations, a lot were supposed to go STRAIGHT from the purchaser to the organizations. However, TWP has listed "Cash flow problems" as their reasoning behind not passing along these donations. If you are business minded you will know that donations are never ever meant to be put into the cash flow of your business, they are meant to be either kept in trust, or a cheque made straight to the organization receiving your donation.
Additionally TWP has NOT been registered to fund raise and is doing so illegally.
The "cash flow problems", have effected their ability to pass on donations, that were made by people like you and me. But it has not stopped founder Belle Gibson from using funds from TWP to maintain a lavish lifestyle - Designer clothing, lucrative schools for her son, business class air flights to oversea's locations such as Bali, America, The Pacific Islands.
Everyone should know about this! Anyone can be effected by illnesses. Anyone can be sucked into this type of hype. ANYONE. They are selling false hope to people and people are continuing to be sick and continuing to die, because they are rejecting conventional medicines, based on this person's promises (Promises that are not from a medical background).

The Whole Pantry

The above link is the Facebook page that I have since been banned from posting on, for asking these hard questions. Anyone who delves too deeply into the character of Ms Gibson is banned from posting on the page. Ms Gibson has also deleted a lot from her "personal" Facebook page and has privatized her Instagram. She has not been available for many comments on the matter.

The only way we can stop people exploiting the good will and the vulnerability of others, is to keep eachother aware!
03 March 2015 @ 10:21 am

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